Various types of accidents can lead to serious injuries and complications. If you've been in an accident in Georgia such as a car accident, internal bleeding can occur. This type of injury may not be immediately noticeable, which can make it particularly dangerous.

Causes of Internal Bleeding

Some causes of internal bleeding include medication side effects or genetic blood disorders. These cases are rare; however, and most occurrences of internal bleeding are caused by accidents that damage veins and arteries in the circulatory system.

The majority of injuries causing internal bleeding include:

  • Blunt trauma - the body has a great force inflicted upon it, such as through a car accident or sporting accident.
  • Deceleration trauma - the organs shift inside the body.
  • Bone fractures - bone marrow and surrounding blood vessels have been damaged. 

When you've been in an accident in Georgia, swift medical attention is needed if internal injuries are suspected. Internal bleeding occurs when the arteries and veins have been detached from the circulatory system, which causes blood to pool inside the body.

These kinds of unfortunate injuries that can happen after an accident in Georgia may be difficult to assess and can lead to risky complications if left untreated.

Symptoms of Internal Bleeding

Because external symptoms may not be present after you've been in an accident in Georgia, internal bleeding can be difficult to recognize.
Symptoms of internal bleeding vary widely, depending upon where the injuries occurred in the body.

If you've been in an accident in Georgia, internal bleeding symptoms you should watch for include: 

  • inflammation and pain;
  • altered mental function after head trauma;
  • weakness, lightheadedness or shortness of breath after abdominal trauma;
  • bruising;
  • blood in the urine; and
  • loss of sensation or range of motion in affected area. 

Compensation for Your Internal Bleeding Injuries

Getting quick medical attention is the first step if you suspect internal bleeding after an accident in Georgia. If you've been injured because of someone's negligence, consider speaking with a personal injury attorney who can help you seek compensation for your injuries. An attorney may be able to help you receive compensation for your medical expenses as well as for the emotional and physical impact the accident has had on your life.

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