So for instance, if the other party’s insurance company says that the rider was 40 percent at fault, it will only be responsible for paying the rider 60 percent of the damages, rather than 100 percent. Apportioning blame is a trick they often use to wiggle out of paying large settlements. Further, if the rider is at least 50 percent at fault, then he is not entitled to damages at all.

#2: The Insurer May Refute the Claimant’s Injuries

Another common reason an insurance company will deny a claim is because they refute the claimant’s injuries.

Common falsehoods they may try to claim follow.

  • You are exaggerating your injuries.
  • Your injuries are pre-existing.
  • The injuries are entirely made up.

Insurance companies may even conduct an investigation and perform surveillance to catch you doing things that are contrary to your injury.

This is why it’s crucial for motorcycle accident victims to consult an attorney and begin collecting evidence that proves their injuries. Doctors’ visits, treatment notes, and an injury journal are all great ways to start. The more evidence you can collect to demonstrate your injuries and the other party’s fault, the better your chances may be of winning your claim or appeal.

#3: Some Insurance Companies Act in Bad Faith

Sometimes, if your motorcycle claim is denied, it may be because the insurer is acting in bad faith. Some insurance companies may deny, stall, or reduce a claim without providing any valid reasons. Bad faith is a legal term that means that the insurance company isn’t holding up to its responsibilities.

Below are some examples of bad faith practices.

  • Undervaluing your claim.
  • Not giving you your settlement in a timely manner.
  • Not communicating with you.
  • Flat out denying your claim without any justification.

Claimants may speak to an attorney and file a bad faith claim if the insurance company denied a motorcycle claim for unjust reasons.

If the courts determine that the insurer did, in fact, act in bad faith, they will order the insurer to not only pay the true value of the claim to the victim, but also an additional amount equal to more than 50 percent of the insurer’s liability or $5,000, whichever is more.

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