After a car accident, you expect your car insurance company to handle your claim fairly. However, many insurance companies use shady tricks to deny your claim. Find out what the most common tricks are and when you should contact a Jonesboro personal injury lawyer to file a bad faith claim

Common bad faith practices include delaying the payment of a valid claim and presenting a lowball offer – one that is worth far less than the actual claim potentially could be. An insurance company may also: 

  • misuse a client’s medical records,
  • fail to conduct a thorough investigation of a claim, and
  • require excessive paperwork or cancel a policy after a claim is made. 

Some insurance companies even go as far as making verbally abusive comments toward clients or harassing them in hopes of them dropping the claim. 

If the insurance company was especially malicious or fraudulent in handling your claim, some states allow you to file punitive damages. Punitive damages are punishable to the insurance company and force it to pay additional damages for failing to comply with insurance laws. Without punitive damages, insurance companies are encouraged to practice bad faith. 

The topic of insurance companies and the part they play after a car accident is discussed in more detail in our article about dealing with insurance companies.  

If you believe your insurance company acted in bad faith, you may be able to file a bad faith claim. Rated one of the top trial lawyers in Georgia, Jonesboro personal injury lawyer Jason R. Schultz has the experience to win your case. Contact him today at 1-404-474-0804.

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