Personal injury cases generally have just one thing in common -- they are based on someone suffering bodily harm. But beyond that, the causes may vary. For instance, an accident involving an 18-wheeler yields much different complications than someone who must face long-term damages after undergoing a surgical procedure. Therefore, it would be important when contracting a personal injury lawyer to hire someone who understands the nature of one’s accident and how it may impact recovery in a claim.

Types of Accidents That May Require a Specialty Personal Injury Lawyer 

Premises Liability

Injuries sometimes can occur on someone else’s property. Your Atlanta lawyer needs to know all about a property owner’s duty of care. An experienced premises law attorney will know that there are other parties who can be held liable for an injury caused by unsafe landscaping, etc. Also, special laws apply if the accident occurs on government property.

Construction Sites

When hiring a personal injury lawyer for a construction accident, hire an attorney who is familiar with industry standards, including ordinances, statutes and regulations. Knowledge of workers’ compensation laws is important, along with an understanding of third-party liability (stemming from defective equipment or the negligence of someone other than the employer or a coworker).

Wrongful Death

Some accidents result in the loss of life. Not only do loved ones have to deal with grief, but they also may file a claim against an individual or entity if it was someone else’s fault. It would be important when hiring a personal injury attorney to get someone who knows the laws surrounding wrongful death and how the statute of limitations, damage caps and other issues may impact the case.

Traffic Accidents

With this type of personal injury case, a lawyer would need to have knowledge of both local and state laws. Car accidents encompass vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists. If the accident involved a semi, the lawyer would need to be familiar with federal laws that apply to the trucking industry.

For example, if you were one of the 65 people injured in one of the 500 crashes during the snowstorm that hit Atlanta on January 27, 2014, you might assume you’re out of luck in terms of compensation because of the inclement weather. However, a personal injury lawyer at the Law Office of Jason R. Schultz would investigate whether the other driver was texting or driving too fast for the conditions. Learn more about what could impact your personal injury claim in Schultz’s free eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Accident Cases in Georgia – The Truth about Your Injury Case.

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