Potential Liable Parties When Unsafe Landscaping Leads to Injuries

When an individual has sustained serious or fatal injuries on someone else’s property, oftentimes liability is attributed to the property owner. That’s because property owners have a duty to inspect and maintain their premises to keep them free of hazards. However, liability may depend on the circumstances, including the type of accident.

Who can claimants hold liable if injured in an accident related to landscaping?

The architect is one potential party that may be responsible for injuries when a premises has been professionally landscaped. For example, the landscape architect may be responsible for supervising the work and fail to do so. As a result, the work may have been done incorrectly and in such a way that it causes harm to others. Another scenario is when the design of the landscaping was defective. 

Property managers and even builders may have a duty of care to others on the property as well as passersby like pedestrians and motorists. If a builder creates a hazardous condition on the property or if a property manager does not maintain the landscaping, injured parties may hold these parties liable as well.

Liability is largely dependent on the circumstances of the accident and who owed property visitors and passersby a duty of care.

An attorney can help those injured by landscaping on the property:

  • explore liability;
  • collect evidence to establish damages; and
  • organize it all in a claim against an insurance policy or in a lawsuit against the negligent party.

In some cases it could be that several parties are named in a claim. Talking with an attorney can help an injured victim learn about legal options. Call Jason R. Schultz today to set up your consultation: 404-474-0804.

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