The Move-Over Rule under Georgia Traffic Accident Laws

Georgia’s traffic accident laws do not only pertain to those involved in the accident. They also cover motorists who approach and pass a car accident scene. Some drivers fail to take precautions when passing a crash site and either go too fast or drive too close to the scene, putting first responders and others at the scene at risk.

Georgia’s Move-Over Law was passed to help protect emergency service workers and others from being injured at the scene of a crash. The law states that when approaching the scene of an accident, routine traffic stop or construction on the shoulder of the highway, all drivers must move over one lane when possible. If it is not possible for drivers to move over one lane, he or she must slow down and be prepared to stop.

Seeking Legal Help from an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

Behaving properly and lawfully following an automobile accident can have a positive impact on any personal injury lawsuit you decide to file with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer’s help. Be sure to seek medical attention if you feel you are hurt after a crash. If the injury is serious, go to the hospital; if it is not, make an appointment with your doctor/general practitioner as soon as you are able. Not all injuries manifest right away, so it’s a good idea to get checked out.

Some injuries – whether they are immediate or develop over time -- cause serious and lasting complications that can rob you of your income, peace of mind and quality of life. If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Speak with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer today to learn about your options and be sure to adhere to all Georgia traffic accident laws following your car accident.

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