Yes, a driver can be held at fault for a car accident if s/he was driving too slowly, but only if her/his actions caused or contributed to the crash. Most major highways have both a minimum and maximum speed limit posted. These are put in place to promote safety on the roadway; failing to abide by them and driving too slowly puts everyone at risk on the road and can be considered a form of negligence should an accident occur.

Dangers of Driving Too Slowly

Driving too slowly can be just as hazardous as speeding, particularly when someone turns too slowly in the fast lane of a highway. As everyone learned in driver’s education class, slower traffic is supposed to keep right, and faster traffic is expected to keep left. Driving 50 mph in the fast lane of a highway that has a 70 mph speed limit, will not only frustrate drivers, but it can lead to lots of dangerous situations.

First, it will create a long line of traffic and can result in sudden and frequent braking. The congestion it causes in and of itself can be hazardous. Some drivers will get impatient and start to tailgate. As frustration builds, drivers may try to jut out of the lane to see what’s holding the slow driver up. They may even pass on the right to get someone who’s going infuriatingly and negligently slow. Driving slowly has a snowball effect that can lead to an accident.

Georgia’s Rules for Minimum Speeds on Roadways, Georgia Code 40-6-184(a)(1) 

Georgia Code 40-6-184(a)(1) provides clear, simple guidelines for the minimum roadway speeds in the state. The statute reads: “No person shall drive a motor vehicle at such a slow speed as to impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic, except when reduced speed is necessary for safe operation.”

If someone is driving at a velocity that prevents traffic, then s/he is not only in violation of the law, but also makes herself/himself susceptible to liability should he cause an accident.

Road & Travel Magazine recommends: “For those people who want to drive slowly, then please do so in the lanes designated especially for slower drivers. If you're holding up traffic or someone behind you is flashing their lights, please pull over to the slower lanes when the time is safe, and indicate your intentions with your turn signal or a friendly wave.” Read what to do after a car accident in Georgia.

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Car accident claims and suits where a driver is found negligent for driving too slowly is not as commonplace as high-speed cases, but they do occur. It’s advisable to consult an attorney about your accident to identify the fault and prove your case to the insurer or courts so that you can get compensated fairly. For legal help in Georgia, call injury attorney Jason R. Schultz in Georgia at 404-474-0804 and request a free consultation.