If you've suffered a dog bite attack in Forest Park, Georgia, you're one of the hundreds of victims who find themselves in this scenario each year. Not only is the fear of rabies an issue, but also other serious injuries and disfigurement can occur. Speak to a Forest Park dog bite lawyer as soon as possible after your dog bite incident.

Seeking Medical Attention

After a dog bite attack, the first step for victims is to seek quick medical attention. Doctors will assess your injuries and try to stabilize your condition. Sutures or surgery may be necessary.

You're within your rights to request that a reconstructive surgeon perform your surgery, instead of emergency room doctors who may not have the best experience in that area. This is a particularly important matter for facial injuries.

Doctors will also try to determine whether or not to administer rabies shots after your dog bite attack in Forest Park, Georgia. If you can locate the dog's owner, contact him or her and ask about the dog's vaccination record.

Animal control can also assist in search and capture of dogs, so you'll want to contact your local agency for assistance.

Understanding Dog Bite Attack Liability in Georgia

Most states are liability states, holding the dog owner responsible if their dog causes injury to someone. Georgia doesn't share this stance. Unfortunately, Georgia law favors dog owners more than liability states.

In Georgia, a dog bite accident victim must prove liability on more than one ground. This is why calling in the expertise of a Forest Park dog bite lawyer is essential in these cases.

After you've addressed your immediate medical concerns, contact a lawyer to discuss your dog bite attack. If you've been injured because of a dog owner's negligence, you may still be eligible for compensation.

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