Factors That Lead to a Dog Attack in Georgia (part A)

Being attacked by a dog is a scary experience and unfortunately, the victims are often young children. Despite many dogs being extremely child-friendly, safe, and protective to a fault, being attacked by a dog can often land a child-and adults for that matter-in the emergency room.

Dogs were domesticated from the gray wolf and various breeds maintain the aggressive traits more than others. As a result, despite thousands of years of successfully, and often blissfully, living together the wrong situation can still bring out the ‘wild animal' and you can find yourself being attacked by a dog.  

A survey for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concluded that nearly 4.7 million people every year are victims of attacks by a dog and a number of those individuals who are attacked by dogs sustain injuries that warrant medical attention.

If you were recently seriously injured in a dog attack in Georgia, contact a
Peachtree city dog attack attorney to find out if you can recover damages for your medical bills, pain, suffering, and lost time at work. 

What leads to a dog attack in Georgia?

Some common reasons for a dog attack in Georgia may include canine instincts, such as:

  • Dominance: Being attacked by a dog after taking something from the dog, picking it up, or disturbing the dog while it's sleeping.
  • Defending itself or family: Someone may be attacked by a dog for approaching the dog or the dog's family too quickly.
  • Predatory Instinct: Small quick animals or children can bring out predatory aggression and lead to being attacked by a dog.
  • Response to Pain: People are often attacked by a dog after approaching or touching a dog that is in pain or injured.
  • Response to Punishment: Owners and strangers alike are sometimes attacked by a dog for hitting or kicking the animal.  

Regardless of the animal's instinct, when you've been attacked by a dog in Georgia, you may have rights to seek compensation from the animal's owner. To be sure, discuss the circumstances of the attack with a Peachtree City dog attack attorney.

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