When an Animal Attacks . . .

A dog bite is a traumatic event resulting in serious injury. Multiple deaths are reported each year as a result of the most vicious attacks. Often a bite will result in permanent scarring, nerve damage and a significant risk of infection. Call (404) 474-0804 or toll free (866) 455-4709 today for a Dog Bite Lawyer you can trust.
Every year tens of thousands of people are injured in animal attacks.  Although most victims are not seriously hurt, some are, and a number are even killed.  The following information will answer some of the more freqently asked questions about dog bite injuries.

If you have been attacked by an animal, the first thing is to seek medical care for your injureis.  Almost as important is to get information about the animal and, if possible, its owner.  if you have been attacked by a wild animal or an animal that you cannot identify, your doctor may insist that you get protective rabies shots, a painful experience.  If you have been attacked by an animal that belongs to somone, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.  make sure that you can identify, for example, the dog that attacked you.  Also, get some basic information about the owner of the dog, such as his name, address, telephone number, and homeowner's insurance information.

Making a claim for injuries caused by an animal attack is usually a matter of contacting the insurance company of the animal's owner.  Although the insurer will likely try to convince you that you do not need an attorney, don't listen to that bad advice.  It is in the insurance company's best interest to talk you out of getting legal help in order to minimize your recovery.  You are always entitled to speak to a lawyer and, in the end, you will receive more money with the assistance of a qualified attorney.

If you are contaced by the insurance company, do not talk about or put in writing any details of the attack without first speaking with our office; do not discuss payment for your injuries; do not sign any release or authorization to get your medical records; do not permit yourself to be photogrpahed or tape recorded; do not discuss who is responsible for the attack.  Call our office immediately toll free at (866) 455-4079.