Victims come in all shapes and sizes. A Coweta County personal injury attorney can work to protect the rights of even the smallest victims: children. Children are smaller and still developing, so a child injury may be more significant, or have more of an impact, than injuries that adults experience. 

Do I really need an attorney for my child injury case? 

Whether your child was injured in a dog attack, a car accident, an accident involving a defective product, a schoolyard accident, or some other incident, having a personal injury attorney on your side may prove advantageous. 

First, a lawyer may benefit you for an obvious reason: you may be more likely to get a larger settlement with an attorney. Insurance adjusters may offer parents a fraction of the settlement they may offer if an attorney was present. Insurance companies recognize the legal expertise of attorneys, and may assume an individual who does not have attorney is more likely to accept a low offer. 

Secondly, you have probably already assumed the role of nurse, psychologist, cook, maid, and many other functions since your child’s injury; there is no reason for you to add prosecuting attorney to that list. Quite frankly, you’re probably not qualified for the job. If you attempt to make your claim without an attorney, you’ll deal with the defense’s insurance adjuster on your own and, since you’ve probably never been in this situation before, you might not know the right things to say or do. This could ultimately lead to a prolonged legal process with only a lower settlement to show for it. 

Keep in mind that hiring a Coweta County personal injury attorney and suing someone is not the same thing. There are many ways that an attorney can help you without even saying the word “suing.”

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