Uncomfortable filing a lawsuit? A Coweta County personal injury lawyer may help you avoid a lawsuit and trial while still obtaining fair compensation. The idea of suing someone for your child’s injury might have you feeling conflicted; you know that you need the settlement to pay your child’s medical bills, but in some cases – like an attack involving a neighbor’s dog or a schoolyard mishap – you may feel uncomfortable suing the person responsible, and “burning your bridges.” 

It will comfort you to know that a large portion of cases involving child injury are settled out of court, with no trial needed. Your lawyer should be able to deal directly with the defendant’s insurance adjuster, which means that the majority of the damages will be paid by the defendant’s insurance company, leaving your bridges unburned. 

I’ve got a pretty good offer from the insurance adjuster. Why shouldn’t I just accept that? 

People seem to be wary of going to an attorney if the insurance adjuster has already offered them a settlement, and the concern is understandable. You may worry that you won’t be offered a larger settlement with an attorney, having to pay the attorney’s fees, and end up with less money overall. 

Of course, most injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they get paid if you get paid. The adjuster may offer you substantially less if you pursue a claim without a Coweta County personal injury lawyer. Even if you must pay an attorney fee, obtaining a larger settlement is likely to leave you with more compensation to cover damages. 

Contacting a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer 

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