When it is Time to Contact a Bowden Child Injury Lawyer After a Dog Bite Attack in Georgia [Part B]

Beyond the Georgia Dog Bite Law: Protecting a Child From a Dog Bite or Animal Attack

As a Bowden child injury lawyer can explain, a dog bite in Georgia is not always preventable and the state’s dog bite law doesn’t necessarily mean children are any less likely to be the victim of an attack. With this in mind, parents can be proactive in the quest to keep a child safe. 

Parents can prevent dog bite attacks by teaching their children how to behave around unfamiliar animals. The CDC suggests these tips for families who socialize with dogs, among many others suggestions:  
  • never leave babies or young children alone with any dog;
  • don’t allow your children to approach unfamiliar dogs;
  • teach your children not to run and scream near dogs;
  • allow dogs to see and smell you and your child before petting;
  • remain still if approached by a strange dog;
  • don’t make eye contact; and
  • don’t interrupt a dog when it is eating or caring for its puppies. 
When You Need Help Navigating Georgia’s Dog Bite Law

A dog bite attack is a traumatic event for the entire family. Unfortunately, Georgia’s dog bite law is known for being confusing and for tending to favor dog owners after a dog bite. Georgia is one of a few states that have a “one-bite” law, which means that dog owners are liable for a dog bite only if they knew that the dog had a tendency to bite. Some exceptions include situations where a dog owner violates a local leash ordinance by allowing a dog to roam the neighborhood unsupervised. 

If your child was the victim of a dog bite in Georgia, you and your attorney will likely need to build a case to prove that the dog owner is liable. 

You can help your child injury lawyer by providing detailed information about:  
  • the injuries your child sustained as a result of the dog bite;
  • the details of the dog bite incident. Was the dog roaming free? Was a door left opened?
  • The medical records and information on medical costs.
Contacting a Bowden Child Injury Lawyer

If your family has experienced a dog bite attack, you need to fully understand Georgia’s dog bite law and how it may apply to you. As the victim of a Georgia dog bite attack, you have rights that the insurance companies cannot ignore. While they have a team of lawyers working on their side, shouldn’t you have experienced legal representation fighting for your best interests? Before accepting any settlement offer, contact the Law Offices of Jason Schultz to schedule a FREE consultation: (404) 474-0804.