From time to time my clients ask me questions on the topic of car insurance – not a topic that normally gets people excited. What I share with them, however, has them calling their insurance companies immediately afterwards. It is to make a change worth $1 million to drivers:

Stop buying minimal coverage for your auto insurance and get a $1 million policy!

This may sound ludicrous to some people, especially when their insurance agents are saying that you only need four times the minimum coverage. Well, the big surprise for them ends up being the cost of improving their insurance versus the cost of a hospital stay.

Medical bills can pile up quickly, especially if you have been in a particularly severe accident. And you won’t just count those bills by the thousands. You will be tallying them by the tens and/or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your insurance policy will evaporate quickly, leaving you with the leftover bills.

You’re probably asking, “What about the other driver’s insurance?” Unfortunately, it is likely that the other driver has equal or worse insurance (in some cases, it could even be none), and insurance policies don’t stack.

The next question would be, “Doesn’t the other person still have to pay for my medical bills?” They can still be held accountable, yes; however, most people will end up filing for bankruptcy, which then puts the burden back on you and your family. Don’t simply sit back and say that it isn’t fair.

Do something about it!

Depending on your driving record, an increase in your policy from $100,000 to $1 million will only raise your yearly rate by $50 to $250.

Want another reason to motivate you to make the change? Think about how much money you make at your current job. What if you were unable to perform that job and support your family? Hopefully you will have an insurance policy extensive enough to recover the reasonable amount of money due to you after an accident to support your family. Call your agent today to get the process started on getting that better policy. And don’t take no for an answer. They may try to navigate you away from it, but be persistent. You know how important this policy can be, so make the change.

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