Personal Injury Attorney In Peachtree City Advises on Premises Liability Evidence (Part B)

In a premises liability claim, maintenance and repair records and other related types of evidence are often essential in building your case against the premises owner where you suffered harm. Unfortunately, in many cases, these records and the information that you need is actually in possession of the premises owner who you are trying to build a case against. 

The civil justice system recognizes that often the evidence that a plaintiff needs is in the hands of the defendant in the case. As such, there is a process called "discovery," where the defendant has to turn over pertinent information to the plaintiff. A personal injury attorney in Peachtree City can help you through this discovery process, ensuring that you get the evidence that you need in order to prove your claim. 

If the defendant does not turn over the required evidence about maintenance and repairs of the property that you may need to make your claim, your personal injury lawyer in Peachtree City can make a motion to the court to request the required documents. As long as the information requested is relevant to making your claim, the court should grant the motion and compel the defendant to turn over the needed evidence.  

Eyewitness testimony is also normally important in a premises liability claim. Sometimes, witnesses or strangers are reluctant to get involved in testifying in a lawsuit. If this is the case, your personal injury attorney can help you to get a subpoena to compel the person to come to court and testify. This helps to ensure you can put together the most comprehensive case possible in a premises liability lawsuit.  

Because you have the burden of proving the premises liability when you are an injured victim, it is essential to make sure you have enough evidence to meet your burden of proof. You will need to convince the court that more likely than not, events happened as you say they did and the defendant was negligent, which caused your injury. The more evidence you have to prove this, the stronger your case and the better your chances of winning a victory in court. 

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