Type of Paralysis

The type of paralysis sustained will depend on the location of the injury. For instance if it is located in the neck, the victim won’t be able to feel their arms, chest and legs. This is called quadriplegia, which may lead to breathing difficulties.

If the injury is located in the lower portion of the spine, then feeling and movement may be lost in the lower part of the body and the legs. This is called paraplegia and can impact bladder and bowel functioning.

The impact of paralysis will also depend on whether it’s complete (covering the: pelvis, hips and legs) or incomplete (where there may be some feeling and movement in those areas). If there is any chance of some degree of recovery, it will generally happen with the first 6 months of experiencing the injury.

Considering this injury is so serious, it could warrant a personal injury claim after a severe accident. If you pursue compensation, expect to be able to prove negligence. By hiring a lawyer, you can increase the chances of a fair and full settlement. Call today at 404-474-0804.
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