Distracted Driving DangersAccording to 2018 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics, over 2,800 Americans were killed in crashes involving distracted drivers, and  approximately 400,000 were injured. Nearly 500 fatalities involved pedestrians and bicyclists. Distracted driving has become a national epidemic. The  three types of distractions include visual (taking your eyes off the road); manual (taking your hands off the wheel); and cognitive (letting your mind wander).

Examples of Distracted Driving

Texting while driving receives the lion’s share of attention, as it involves all three distractions simultaneously. Its dangers can’t be overstated. At 55 mph, a texting driver will travel the length of a football field in just four seconds. A lot can go tragically wrong. But people can be distracted in  numerous ways apart from their cell phones. Eating and drinking; applying makeup; adjusting the stereo, temperature, or GPS; interacting with passengers (talk to  but don’t look at them); gawking at something or someone outside the car; and being in deep thought are among the possibilities. In most states, the  banning of texting while driving is a primary law, which means a driver can be cited without any other traffic offense being involved. It’s a mixed bag  when it comes to handheld phone calls.

Tips to avoid distracted driving:

• If you need to use your cell phone, pull off the road at a safe place.
• Set your radio and GPS prior to hitting the road.
• Finish grooming, dressing, and eating before you leave home.
• If you’re a passenger driving with a distracted driver, speak up! Kindly remind them to focus on their driving.

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