What happens if one trips on a brick near a construction site while on a public sidewalk?

In some cases, the injured one will be able to obtain compensation from the company conducting construction. The construction company has a duty to take steps that will keep public sidewalks from being endangered by the construction process. If the company fails to keep a close public sidewalk free of brick and other obstacles, somebody trips and falls, then the company can be held liable. Posting of warning signs is usually not enough and the construction companies have to place barriers, warning lamps and any other applicable warning and safety devices for the safety of others. When you call us, we will take all information you provide to us into consideration, analyze it and determine if you have a case against a construction company. Jason Schultz realizes that no one has the right to shatter your health and will strive to obtain the best possible damage recovery for the injuries or suffering you have sustained. Call us today for your free consultation at (404) 474-0804.