Will it hurt my claim if I do not take an ambulance?

No. You can still get compensation for your injuries if you do not take an ambulance. When the insurer evaluates your injuries claim, it will use your medical records to establish what injuries you suffered as a result of the accident.

This means that even if you do not take an ambulance from the scene, you need to get medical attention as soon as possible to protect your physical health and link any injuries to the accident.

Will taking an ambulance help my case?

Maybe. The means of transportation from the scene of the accident to the hospital seldom is a factor. However, if you were able to drive yourself to the hospital, but your personal injury claim states that you had serious injuries, the insurance adjuster may be more skeptical of your injuries than if you had taken an ambulance.

Of course, if you had to be airlifted to a high-level trauma center, that will be an indication of the severity of your injuries, but the bottom line is what the medical records show.

What if I cannot afford an ambulance ride?

Ambulance rides can be expensive. However, if we win your injury case, we can recover compensation for the ambulance ride and any other injury-related expenses. Do not forgo an ambulance ride if you really need it.

Jason R. Schultz
Helping Georgia area residents with car accident, medical malpractice, and personal injury claims since 1991.