Is hospitalization necessary for a child burn injury suffered in a Georgia accident?

If your child suffered a severe burn injury from a Georgia accident, then hospitalization may be necessary. A Carrollton child injury lawyer can then determine if you should seek compensation for your child's injuries.

Burns that are considered to be 1st and 2nd degree generally don't require hospitalization. However, in the event your child suffered 2nd degree burns over a large area of the body it may become necessary to put them in the hospital.

The most serious type of burn sustained is 3rd degree which causes damage to all of the skin's layers and can even affect the fat, muscle and bone. There are serious complications that can accompany a 3rd degree burn including: 

  • sepsis (an infection that enters the bloodstream);
  • loss of fluids;
  • hypothermia; and
  • difficulty breathing

When the burn goes into the fat, muscle and bone, it can lead to limited joint movement or pulling joints out of position. It may even cause contractures, where the muscles and tendons tighten.

Treatment for a 3rd degree burn will require hospitalization. Skin grafting and other surgery may be necessary. After the initial hospitalization for a 3rd degree burn, it may even become necessary to finish treatment at a specialized burn unit or facility. 

Medical care and treatment for a severe burn injury are extremely costly. However, if your child's injuries in a Georgia accident were the result of someone's negligence, then you may be able to receive compensation that addresses not only the medical expenses but more. By consulting with a Carrollton child injury lawyer, you can better learn what your rights are.

Contacting a Carrollton Child Injury Lawyer

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