How is an automobile accident case different from a tractor trailer accident case?

Usually trucks are required to carry higher amounts of insurance coverage. And the safety standards for truck drivers are much higher. There are also federal regulations that only apply to truck drivers as they travel for the purpose of interstate commerce. Trucking companies are obligated to conduct background checks on drivers they hire and must periodically evaluate existing employees. Their drivers are limited by a certain number of hours they can drive in a day. They get tested for alcohol and drugs – in case of an accident and randomly. And the basis for establishing fault on the part of the trucking company and its driver are violations of the FMCSRA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation Act). All of these and even more rules apply to the trucking companies and their drivers. If a violation of any of the rules took place or you were injured as a result of a truck driver’s negligence then you may sue for damages. We encourage that you contact us if you were involved in a tractor trailer accident because of case complexity. We work with best experts in Georgia who can help reconstruct the accident model and testify on your behalf. Experience and knowledge go hand in hand at Jason Schultz’s law firm. Do not hesitate to call us for a consultation on your tractor-trailer accident case at (404) 584-6668.