Many associate pit bulls with dangerous dogs, but the truth is that any dog can attack and bite a human or another dog. But because of their strong build and powerful jaw, many fear this breed more than others. But estimating how common pit bull attacks are is difficult for a number of reasons.

Why Estimating Frequency of Pit Bull Attacks is Difficult

The media often reports pit bull attacks and many statistics derive from media reports. But some attacks by pit bulls – and other breeds – go unreported. Victims might not report the attack because the dog was their own or because the dog belonged to a friend or family member.

In other cases, the media may attribute an attack to a pit bull based on appearance, when in fact the dog may be of another breed.

Are there statistics about pit bull attacks?

There are some reports of dog bite statistics in the U.S. One often-cited study about dog attacks came in 2000 and was published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Association. The Sacks et al. article took dog bite fatality data from media reports as well as the registry database from the Human Society of the United States. Pit bull-type dogs were involved in 76 of the fatalities, which led the way. Next was Rottweiler dogs, which were involved in 44 fatalities.

Legal Help after Pit Bull Attacks in Atlanta

Pit bull attacks – or attacks by any dog breed – can be severe and cause permanent injury, disability, long-term emotional and psychological damages, disfigurement, and death. Victims and their families have a right to pursue compensation for their injuries, and the Law Office of Jason Schultz can help.

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