Terms and coverage vary from policy to policy, but generally, renters insurance covers dog bites as part of the policy’s liability coverage. However, some policies may have specific wording excluding liability coverage for dog bites. And not all renters have renters insurance policies. So if a dog bit you, work with an attorney to identify coverage available to help you pay for your damages, and then build a case to get the full compensation you deserve. 

What if the renters insurance policy excludes dog bites? 

A lot of people are unsure of the specifics of their coverage and never check if their policy covers dog bites until such an event occurs. Thus, they do not purchase a separate liability rider if their renters insurance policy excludes dog bites. 

A renters policy that does not cover dog bites leaves the dog owner without applicable liability insurance if their dog bites somebody; the dog owner may thus be responsible for the victim’s damages out of pocket. Some renters insurance policies provide coverage with low limits, and will not cover all the victim’s expenses, also leaving the dog owner responsible for paying for the victim’s damages out of pocket. 

What if the dog owner did not have renters insurance? 

Unlike homeowners insurance, which lenders usually require homeowners purchase, many renters do not carry renters insurance. In such cases, dog owners whose dog attacks somebody may be responsible for the victim’s damages out of pocket. This might make recovering damages more difficult, but victims should consult a lawyer to explore the coverage that is available and discuss options to get compensation. 

Could the landlord be liable for the dog bite? 

Generally, no. Georgia dog bite laws require bite victims to prove the defendant was negligent or that the dog owner was aware the dog was vicious or had a propensity to attack. For example, proving negligence might mean proving the owner let the dog to run freely in an unenclosed space without a leash. 

But under Georgia law, landlords are usually not liable for if a tenant’s dog bites somebody. There are exceptions, though, such as if the landlord’s negligent maintenance of the property or failure to correct damage to the property in some way contributed to the bite. Such cases are uncommon, but victims should discuss all circumstances of the attack with a qualified dog bite attorney

How can I reach a Peachtree City dog bite attorney? 

At the Law Office of Jason R. Schultz, PC, we understand how serious dog bites can be. We work diligently to secure all the evidence available to prove fault and liability. O.C.G.A. § 33-3-28 requires the dog owner to provide all information about their insurance policies within 30 days of a request. This will allow us to analyze their renters insurance or other riders to determine how to pursue compensation for your losses. 

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