If you’re in an auto accident, a Clayton County car accident attorney can go over your car insurance policy and evaluate your liability. Your insurance will cover the other passengers in your vehicle, to an extent.

What does my liability insurance cover?

You may be familiar with liability insurance, which is part of the car insurance required by Georgia state law. Passengers in your vehicle are one of the parties covered by liability insurance.

If you cause a car accident in Georgia, your auto liability insurance will help pay for the injuries of those involved in the accident, including passengers in your vehicle.

Three things covered by liability insurance are:

  • coverage for bodily injury of one person in any vehicle involved in the accident (Georgia minimum: $25,000);
  • coverage for bodily injury of more than one person in any vehicle involved in the accident (Georgia minimum: $50,000); and
  • coverage for property damage caused by the crash (Georgia minimum: $25,000).

In reference to passengers in your vehicle, “bodily injury” liability refers to your passengers’ medical bills and lost wages. Your insurer will pay for those things as long as the cost does not exceed the maximum stated on your plan.

For instance, if two passengers were injured in your vehicle, your car insurance plan will cover up to $50,000 in medical bills and lost wages. However, if their bills amount to $65,000, you might be personally responsible for paying the remaining $15,000. For this reason, if you have the option to purchase more than the minimum liability insurance, it may be a good idea to do so.

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