To file a personal injury claim on behalf of an injured elder in your family, you would need to be appointed his or her power of attorney. Consult accident attorneys in Atlanta to discuss the case. 

Power of Attorney: What You Need to Know 

For the elderly, having a power of attorney already in place is generally a good idea. However, if there isn't one and the circumstances allow for it, a family member can be appointed. 

The power of attorney is given legal authority to make medical and financial decisions. The scope can be broad, giving the individual authority over various affairs or limiting it to only certain issues. Talk with an accident attorney in Atlanta about the responsibility involved and the appropriate scope of authority. 

Your elderly relative must give permission, and a document has to be signed with two adult witnesses present. InGeorgia, a notary public is not always required as a witness, but it is usually a good idea to do so.

Law Offices of Jason Schultz: Accident Attorney in Atlanta 

There can be a number of reasons that a loved one could be seriously injured to warrant filing a personal injury claim. An injured elder may have been in a motor vehicle accident on a busy highway like Ralph David Abernathy Freeway or may have fallen in Lenox Square Mall. 

Whatever the circumstances are, seek legal advice from an accident attorney at the Law Office of Jason Schultz. Call us at (404) 474-0804 to set up a consultation if an elderly relative was injured and you would like to file a personal injury claim on his or her behalf.