A victim of a dog bite may pursue a claim for damages if an attack occurred at a Georgia dog park. This would depend on whether or not the owner had acted negligently. Because of the challenges that victims might face in these cases, it would be a good idea to talk with an attorney about the circumstances of the bite.

Liability When Attacked at a Dog Park

In general, dog bite laws in Georgia make it difficult for a victim to hold an owner liable. Regardless of the severity of one’s injuries, it comes down to establishing certain elements.

For instance, local leash laws can sometimes be used as a means of holding an owner liable. But that may not apply to a case where an attack occurs at a dog park, especially if leashes are optional.

Otherwise, a victim may have to depend on the dog bite law in Georgia, which requires claimants or plaintiffs prove three elements, the:

  • dog was vicious or dangerous;
  • owner knew the dog was vicious or dangerous; and
  • dog was allowed to roam at large or wasn’t properly managed.

Let’s say someone is at the Peachtree City Dog Park when attacked by another dog. The victim later learns that the dog had previously bitten someone. This could help establish that it’s dangerous and, of course, the owner’s knowledge if there is record of the bite.

Regardless of a leash-optional dog park, the victim might argue that because of the dog’s propensity to bite, the owner should have taken reasonable steps to protect others. Perhaps the owner was negligent in taking the dog to the park and allowed it off the leash knowing it had previously attacked someone.

Discuss the Details with a Local Attorney

Coupled with Georgia’s dog bite laws, attacks in a dog park can be complicated. The best thing a victim can do is consult with an attorney about the details of the case. Call Jason R. Schultz at 404-474-0804 or contact us online if you’re in the Peachtree City area and wish to review your legal options.