Our client, a 58 year old paraplegic gentleman, was attempting to make a left turn off of Ponce de Leon into a restaurant parking when an unknown driver came from behind, traveling on the wrong side of the street, and hit his van on its left front bumper. The impact threw our client's head, neck and left shoulder smashing into the driver's side door.  As a paraplegic, he couldn't brace himself with his legs. As a result, he was awkwardly and violently slung into the driver side door.  After the wreck, he experienced significant neck, shoulder and back pain and he presented to the Piedmont Hospital ER for evaluation.  Over the following several months, he sought conservative treatment but his neck pain became unbearable. A neurosurgeon performed performed anterior cervical discectomies and fusions at C3 through C7 at Piedmont Hospital.  State Farm inially offered $1,500.00 to him under his uninsured - underinsured motorist (UM) coverage.  State Farm claimed that all of his neck problems were pre-exisiting.  He hired us and we immediately filed suit and the case was resolved just before tiral for the limits of his UM coverage. 


Jason R. Schultz
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