So, if it is illegal, why do people still do it?

Even though wearing headphones while driving is obviously unsafe, and as the Dayton Daily News wrote “disregards logic,” many people still do it.

Drivers might drive with headphones in not knowing that it is illegal or not realizing exactly how unsafe this behavior is.

Some drivers know how unsafe the behavior is and just do not care.

What does this mean for my car accident claim?

Regardless of whether the driver knew driving with headphones in was illegal, he was still breaking the law and behaving negligently, and as such, will likely still be liable for your accident if his headphone use caused or contributed to the accident.

To prove another driver is liable for an accident, you need to prove s/he was behaving negligently at the time of the collision. Because wearing headphones while driving is illegal, you can claim negligence per se, e.g., violation of a law or statute makes a person negligent.

To prove the other person was wearing headphones, you will need evidence such as eyewitness testimony or surveillance video. We can help you recover this and any other evidence you need. 

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