Vocational Rehabilitation Services for Injured Construction Workers in Georgia

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When it comes to preventing accidents on a Peachtree City jobsite, there is only so much you can do. While workers’ comp is available for employees who are injured on a construction site, injuries that are caused by third parties may warrant filing a separate personal injury claim.     

Workers’ comp may not provide adequate coverage for all damages, leaving some struggling to make up the difference. By filing a separate claim against a negligent third party, some accident victims may be able to recover the compensation to which they are entitled. 

The Law Office of Jason Schultz in Peachtree City can review the circumstances of the accident to help injured workers determine if a claim may be filed against a negligent third party. 

Vocational Rehabilitation After Workplace Injury 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in Georgia the incidence rate of nonfatal injuries in the construction injury causing days away from work, job transfer or restriction was 1.3 injuries/illnesses per 100 full-time workers in 2011. 

In cases of catastrophic injuries, workers may require rehabilitation services to get them ready to return to the workforce, whether in their former capacity or in a new capacity. 

State programs provide employees the right to vocational rehabilitation if the injury is considered catastrophic. 

The Georgia Code §34-9-200.1 describes a catastrophic injury as: 

  • a spinal cord injury with severe paralysis;
  • amputation of arm, hand, foot or leg;
  • severe brain injury;
  • second/third degree burns over a quarter of the body;
  • third degree burns to at least five percent of the face or hands;
  • industrial blindness; and
  • other severe injuries preventing the worker from perform his or her duties in substantial capacity. 

Vocational rehabilitation may include retraining or adjustment of duties to reflect the worker’s abilities after the injury. State programs can cover the cost for these services and other types of rehabilitation that may be necessary for injured workers. 

While state compensation for injured workers is available and can cover some expenses, for some this may not cover the entirety of their cost or reflect the full nature of the injury. Some injuries may be the result of third party negligence in addition to or instead of an employer. 

Seeking Compensation from a Third Party 

If you were injured as a result of third party negligence – such as that related to a contractor, engineer, manufacturer, etc. – discuss your ability to file a claim against that third party. Contact the Law Office of Jason Schultz at 404-474-0804 to go over your workplace accident case.

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