The other term, “racing,” refers to one or more vehicles endeavoring to pass another vehicle or preventing someone else from passing. It usually stems from an attempt to arrive at a destination first. Alternatively, it may be to test the endurance of one’s vehicle while traveling a long distance.

Whatever the goal or purpose, these actions are illegal. Those convicted face misdemeanor charges. Of course, that may not be the case if this type of violation causes injury or death to someone. Then the consequences are much more serious.

Street racing in Georgia is just one example in which speeding is a factor and could result in a crash. Accidents resulting from speeding could include intoxicated drivers, inattention to posted speed limits, or many other types of careless or reckless behaviors. 

Atlanta drivers have the right to safe roadways, and if street racing in Georgia harmed you or a family member, driving or as a pedestrian, seek recourse with Jason R. Schultz, car accident lawyer, at 404-474-0804. 

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