See A Doctor After A Car CrashFollowing an auto accident, some people feel only slight soreness. They believe they’re fine and see no point in scheduling a physician visit. However,some injuries — especially those involving the neck and back — might not display notable symptoms for days, even weeks.

Whiplash is a prime example. Whiplash is a soft-tissue injury caused by the head suddenly being forcefully jerked back and forth, stretching muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the neck. Those who feel none the worse for wear immediately following an accident may experience an onslaught of symptoms later, and possibly long-term debilitation if the whiplash is not tended to promptly.

See A Doctor As Quickly As Possible After A Car Crash

That’s why seeing your physician as soon as possible is always advisable. It serves your own health interests, and if you have been injured and suffer worsening conditions, a negligent driver can more easily be held accountable.

Insurance adjusters are quite familiar with delayed-onset injury symptoms. That’s why they are quick to extend lowball settlement offers to unsuspecting injury victims. If an injury victim accepts a settlement offer prior to knowing the full extent of their injuries, they’re up the creek without a paddle.

In addition, if the victim did not seek immediate medical attention, an insurance adjuster will attempt to exploit that. Also, the longer the time span between the accident and the victim’s first doctor visit, the more challenging it may be to prove their injuries originated with the auto accident.

We Deal With The Insurance Adjusters, You See The Doctor

If you find yourself the victim of another driver’s negligence, contact Jason at 404-474-0804. We’ll handle the insurance adjusters and ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

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