Dog bite attacks can cause a host of mental, emotional, and psychological trauma. Attacks can not only leave permanent physical complications, scarring, and disability, they can also lead to emotional disorders. 

Early recognition is key to effective treatment, although some disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may take some time to develop and prove difficult to diagnose.

Dealing with Psychological Symptoms

Shock, depression, and anxiety disorders are just a few of the disturbances dog bite victims might develop. Debilitating PTSD is not uncommon either, particularly in children. These kinds of emotional issues can put a complete stop on a person’s normal life, affecting their relationships, school or career, and their overall wellbeing.

For instance, one four-year-old victim of a severe dog bite attack in Greece developed acute PTSD, as well as selective mutism shortly after the attack, according to a case report appearing in the Journal of Medical Case Reports in 2009.

The report notes that the girl:

  • avoided thoughts and conversations about the attack;
  • avoided the dog owner and the spot the attack occurred;
  • expressed anxiety and anger when she was left alone;
  • had problems concentrating; and
  • refused to speak at times and used nonverbal communication instead.

She required extensive psychiatric monitoring, psychotherapy, and counseling. It took many months for her to begin to overcome the pain of the attack.

The authors of the case report caution parents, victims, and physicians to educate themselves about post-traumatic behavioral reactions because “awareness of the potential development of such reactions may result in early detection and effective management of children at risk.”

If you or child was the victim of a dog attack, the owner may be liable for medical bills, as well as all psychological treatments.

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