The Georgia insurance Commissioner, John Oxendine, is now involved in the latest Progressive Insurance Company's scandel over allegations of invasion of privacy, fraud and other misdeeds. Hopefully, this will help Progressive and other insurance companies remember that they have fiduciary duties towards thier own insured's, that is, a duty to place their insured's interests as highly as their own. We will see. By D.L. BENNETT The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 08/30/07 Georgia's insurance commissioner has begun an investigation of Progressive Insurance for allegedly sending private investigators into a church confessional to spy on a couple who had filed suit against the company. John W. Oxendine ordered a market conduct examination into recent allegations of invasion of privacy, fraud and other misdeeds by Progressive Insurance Co. Oxendine has ordered the company to preserve "all documents, data and tangible things related to all losses or claims incurred or reported involving or related to Georgia policyholders since Jan. 1, 2003." "Georgia policyholders should expect an open and honest relationship with their insurance company," Oxendine said. "In order to assure truthfulness within the industry, when we hear of possible wrongdoing, we have to act promptly to protect the consumer." The two private detectives allegedly posed as a married couple wanting to join the church. They talked their way into a private confessional at a member's home and recorded potentially embarrassing details from several people there. The investigators were looking into Bill and Leandra Pitts, a Henry County couple who were involved in a car crash and later sued Progressive. The company's president issued an apology on Progressive's website last week. Progressive has 10 days to request a hearing. Company spokesman Shawn Fergus could not be reached for comment late Thursday.
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S. Moore 11/17/2008 01:47 PM
On July 4th of this year my wife and I were involved in a motorcycle accident we were not at fault! I have never been subjected to so many problems in one situation in all of my life (52yrs). 1.The minute that you mention motor - vehicle accident they (Dr.Office) start looking for reasons to dismiss you, They don't want to get involved. 2.When you finally do find one that will see you they then will not take your med-pay insurance. 3.Progressive now has demanded Full - Blanket Access to our medical records without limitation back to birth I guess, with a disclaimer saying that since they are neither a hospital or a health care org. all of the info obtained is no longer subject to the federal privacy guidelines. This is not only B.S. in a big way but also bullying by big insurance we all know that this information can then be not only shared but also used to rate future insurance and whatever else might be convenient use. I would also like to make one final point and then I'll get off of my soap-box. I doubt that this form (for complete- authorization to release any and all information to Progressive or any one of their subsidiaries) is often chall- enged or even given a second look by laymen and especially by most of the nice folks up here in Northeast Ga.
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