Preventing Child Injuries as a Result of Fireworks

Preventing child injuries may seem like a full-time job. Many of the fireworks accidents that occur can be avoided by practicing safety. Children should never play with them, nor stand too close to where they are being setting off. If another parent allows a child to be hurt because of lack of supervision then a Peachtree City injury attorney may be the victim’s parents’ best bet for justice.

If someone else acts in a careless or reckless manner and a child is injured, that person could end up being liable for the medical costs and other damages suffered. A common situation where this can happen is when children aren’t being properly supervised by another adult resulting in adults not preventing child injuries.

Preventing Child Injuries: Fireworks Accidents

Although most people know that children shouldn’t play with fireworks, some believe that sparklers are okay, as long as they are kept at a distance from the child’s body or clothes. But since the temperature can go beyond 2,000 Fahrenheit, it is not a good idea, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is a temperature high enough to cook meals.

Another way to prevent a fireworks accident is to make sure an adult is closely supervising older children who are handling fireworks. Just because the child is older doesn’t mean an adult can’t be liable for injuries.

Children should not be anywhere near a fireworks display. Standing over a device while it’s being lit is especially dangerous. Keep in mind that sparks and material can shoot out quite a distance.

If the fireworks malfunction, there should never be an attempt to relight it. Preventing child injuries includes reading the directions on fireworks, which explicitly state that they should not be continually relit. This could cause a bigger explosion than expected.

Make sure the fireworks are legal. If a child is injured, it will be very difficult to fight a claim when illegal devices are being used.

Finally, a fireworks accident may be prevented by lighting one at a time. After each one, move away as quickly as possible.

If an adult is responsible for the supervision of a child and there is a failure to provide it, if injured in a fireworks accident, that person could be liable. Parents may be able to seek compensation through a personal injury claim. A Peachtree City injury attorney can handle fireworks accidents that result when preventing child injuries doesn’t occur.

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