Motorists have to be vigilant when driving around pedestrians. One area that can be especially dangerous is a school zone. It’s important that drivers are aware of traffic laws and children are taught how to safely cross a street.

What are the laws in Georgia for driving in a school zone?

The speed limit in a school zone is usually reduced. It’s important to adhere to the posted speed. Regardless of the speed, drivers should always use extreme caution when driving near or around a school.

Drivers also need to be aware around school buses. Always expect children to be in the vicinity. Remember that it’s against the law to pass a school bus that has stopped to pick up or drop off children. Under no circumstances should drivers attempt to pass a school bus on the right.

Also, pay attention to a bus that has flashing yellow/red lights, as this indicates children are boarding or unloading. Be sure to stop far enough behind the school bus so there is plenty of space for children entering or exiting the bus. If on an undivided highway, both sides of traffic must stop when children are being loaded or unloaded.

How can children be safer when crossing a street before and after school?

The following are tips to keep children safe when crossing before or after school hours:

  • never dart out into traffic suddenly;
  • use the crosswalk;
  • walk, don’t run (even when in a crosswalk);
  • look both ways before crossing;
  • don’t walk in front of a school bus; and
  • always use the sidewalk.

Knowing Georgia laws that apply to drivers around pedestrians can help improve pedestrian safety. Motorists will understand how to safely share the road by learning whom has the right of way in different circumstances, including when around school children in a school zone or bus stop. 

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