Georgia Injury Claims: Private Social Networking May Not be so Private

A Georgia injury claim after a car accident in Mount Zion, GA, usually involves insurance company investigators delving into your private life, including your health records and general activities before and after the incident. This may consist of examining your use of social media outlets, such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, among others.

The prevalence of social networking media sites has brought into question what type of information is considered private. Today, the definition of privacy has become blurred, in part because when someone releases information on the Web, it can be considered public information. Online postings can ruin your chances of winning a legitimate Georgia injury claim. 

Material published on social media networking sites may be deemed accessible during an investigation of a Georgia injury claim.
It even may be permissible in fighting your interest in seeking fair compensation.

Laws regarding the privacy rights of your social media interactions are still being debated on a case-by-case basis. Each personal injury claim has its own set of circumstances. Depending upon the situation of your car accident in Mount Zion, GA, your rights to privacy may or may not guard your online postings. 

A Mount Zion personal injury lawyer can explain what privacy protections you are entitled and guide you forward in your social media communication.

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