TIP # 3: W for Windows

When you are in the vehicle with your pet, keep the windows up or only opened slightly. This will prevent your pet from jumping or falling out of the vehicle. This will also keep random airborne objects from flying by and injuring your pet.

TIP # 4: S for Secure

Secure your pet in a harness or pet carrier. If your pet is unsecured, your pet can suffer injuries if she goes flying around the vehicle when you hit the brakes, go around a corner, change lanes, or alter the speed or path of your vehicle.

If you are in an accident when your pet unsecured, your pet could suffer injury. A pet carrier can provide a protective physical barrier for your pet, shielding him from broken glass and other hazards from auto accidents.

A pet carrier or harness can also help keep your pet in place in the event of an accident, similar to a person wearing a seat belt. In addition to protecting your pet, this will also stop your pet from becoming a dangerous projectile.

Having your pet secured in a pet carrier or harness will also keep your pet from jumping up on you and causing an accident.

Riding in a vehicle can be exciting or frightening for a pet. The scene is changing constantly. If something outside the vehicle startles your pet, he might jump up onto you. Keeping your pet secured will help you avoid a distracted driving accident.

What can I do if my pet and I suffer injuries in an accident?

Even if you obey all traffic laws and ensure your pet is safe and secure, not all drivers are so careful. If you and your pet suffer injuries in an accident, we can help you get the compensation you deserve. We might even be able to get compensation for your pet depending on whether the insurance policy covers pets.

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