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A Gwinnett County family that lost three members in a drunk driving car accident last year will mark the one year anniversary of their deaths at the end of this month. On the 31st it will be one year since the horrendous alcohol-related car crash which 20-year-old Gainesville resident caused a five vehicle crash that killed two siblings and an infant of the same family as well as the driver of his car.

On that fateful day, Carmon Cody Rhoden, who had been drinking before the crash, was spotted by a motorist weaving in and out of traffic and driving recklessly.  The motorist called police to inform them of the driver, but police never got a chance to stop Rhoden.  A few minutes later, he clipped a Ford SUV carrying Demetrius Randle, his wife Falleen, daughter Whitney, her 13-month-old son, Kayden and her 14-year-old brother Alexander. The force of the impact caused the SUV to flip over several times before it came to rest on its top.  Whitney, her little son, brother, and the driver, Mark Anthony Gay were killed.  Demetrius Randle suffered serious brain injuries.

Rhoden never stopped to offer the victims any help, or call for emergency rescue personnel. He simply drove on. He later claimed at his bond hearing that he didn't realize that the crash was "that big."  Drunk driving was not Rhoden's only offense, it later came out. He was driving at a speed of 112 mph at the time of the crash. He was denied bond and has spent the last year at the Gwinnett County jail, charged with reckless driving, vehicular homicide, and hit and run.

Demetrius Randle has spent much of the year since the accident recovering from his injuries. When his loved were ones were being buried, Demetrius was deep in a coma, battling for his life. As he attends the memorial service on the first anniversary of their deaths, he may receive closure.

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The combination of speed and driving is a potent one, and any automobile accident that involves a speeding and intoxicated driver almost always has  devastating results such as catastrophic injuries and death.  If you have questions about how to proceed after suffering injuries in an alcohol related accident, contact an Atlanta and Peachtree City car accident lawyer at my office.

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