Due to physical limitations, worsening eyesight, slower reflexes, and cognitive disorders, a walk through town can be more dangerous for some seniors. Make sure that you read over these elderly pedestrian safety tips and show them to any of your older friends or loved ones.

1) Follow All Traffic Signals and Pedestrian Features

Walk on sidewalks whenever possible; if no sidewalks are available, walk against traffic so you can notice oncoming traffic. Always use crosswalks and pay attention to the walk signals. Many of the walk signals in Georgia have a numbered countdown to let you know how long you have to cross. Make sure you know your limits and estimate if you can make it across in the given time.

If the time is running down, wait until the next full walk cycle to begin before you cross. A full walk cycle will give you the most time to cross the street and will help you avoid rushing if the signal changes mid-intersection.

2) Communicate With Drivers

When crossing in front of a stopped vehicle, make eye contact with the driver to make sure they know you are in the crosswalk. If you notice a driver approaching and cannot move off the road quickly, wave your arms and do whatever you can to make the driver notice you.

3) Wear the Right Clothes

Use sturdy walking shoes and avoid slip-ons or flip-flops that can easily fall off. If you are walking at night, be sure to wear white or brightly colored clothing and consider attaching a light or reflector to your belt on the front and back to alert drivers of your location.

4) Plan a Safe Route and Be Prepared

Plan your route beforehand, looking for the routes with the most sidewalks and least amount of road crossings or other hazards. Plan to end your walks before dark. If the weather looks threatening, plan your trip for a different day.

Make sure you have your cell phone with you to call a loved one if you are injured or lost. Also, consider buying a medical alert bracelet or necklace that works outside the home.

5) Walk in Groups

Walking with other seniors is not only safer, it also offers more opportunities for camaraderie. The more people in your group, the better chance you have of hearing oncoming traffic or noticing hazards before someone gets hurt.

If there are no other seniors in your area, ask a family member or neighbor to walk with you.

6) Know Your Limits

If you know you cannot walk for long periods, choose a route with several public benches or places you can stop along the way. If you feel tired, find somewhere safe to sit down and rest until you can continue.

Consider public transportation or other senior transportation services if you do not think you will be safe walking around town.

Seeking Damages after a Pedestrian Accident

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