Speeding Laws

Creating laws that are specific to the issue of speeding is another effective strategy. Georgia has implemented the Super Speeder Law, which includes not only fines based on the jurisdiction where the offense took place, but also attaches an additional $200 fee. If not paid within 120 days, it could result in the loss of a license.

Some people choose to speed excessively, which is the type of negligence addressed in this law. To be convicted, someone would have to be speeding 75 mph or more higher than the speed limit on a two-lane road. Speeding 85 mph or greater on any highway or road in Georgia also violates this law.

Accidents that result from speeding are often devastating. The higher the speed, the greater the chance of the accident being deadly. It is usually considered an aggressive or reckless form of driving and may involve alcohol or failure to wear a seat belt. Both increase the risk of severe or fatal injuries. Speeding prevention is one way the government is attempting to get a handle on the problem.

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