Atlanta's red light cameras have been a source of great controversy, and some of the cameras have already been taken down.  However, a study by the Texas Transportation Institute shows that when red light camera systems are taken down, there is an increase in the number of violations, and consequently accidents.

Red light violations typically result in T-bone collisions, frequently resulting in serious injuries and even death.  The Texas Transportation Institute's study analyzed accident statistics in a Texas town, both before and after red light cameras were installed.  The researchers found that after the cameras were installed, violations dropped dramatically to 1,738 from 2,445.  However, when the town removed the red light cameras, the violations increased to beyond pre-camera levels, to 4,755.

The results of the study have not been released, but the researchers say that they saw an increase in violations that was more than twice than before the cameras were removed.  There have been other studies in the past that have indicated a drop in red light violations when drivers know that there is a camera watching them.

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