A bicyclist was left with serious injuries after an accident involving a pickup truck in DeKalb County last week.  According to news reports, the accident occurred on Buford Highway.  The bicyclist was struck by the pickup truck, and was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.  The pickup driver has been taken into custody.

The US Department of Transportation has been vocal about promoting biking and walking as alternative modes of transportation.  According to Transportation Secretary LaHood, encouraging alternative means of transportation will relieve congestion on crowded roads, save fuel and help tackle the nationwide obesity epidemic.  Those are commendable goals, but we will see little progress towards achieving those goals unless transportation agencies, especially those in Georgia, take on the job of educating drivers about bicyclist and pedestrian rights. 

As a DeKalb County auto accident attorney, I see far too many bicyclists injured in accidents involving reckless and ignorant drivers.  Unfortunately, when it comes to pedestrians and bicyclists, motorist carelessness can prove fatal.  These are some of the most vulnerable people on our roads, and have little protection in the event of an accident.  In any collision involving an automobile and a pedestrian/bicyclist, it's the latter who suffers the most severe injuries.

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident in Georgia, contact an Atlanta auto accident attorney at my firm to discuss your case.

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