I read a lot of reviews that I was able to find online. When I was first talked to him, I knew. I talked to a couple, but when I talked to him, you could just tell he was genuine. If you have a good attorney, they are going to get you what you want or more than what you want. It really doesn’t matter what they get. Their goal is to get you what you want. All along he has been my best advocate. The office team here has always been in contact with me. He is a Christian, and I am a Christian so we have that connection. That’s important to me. He explains things in a way that you can understand them. There were no surprises. Everything I was prepared for and prepared for well, even the mediation and the face to face, everything.

I was doing a routine check in one of the rooms at my place of employment. I do security work and it is a room I have been in probably 100 times previously. Unfortunately, someone had removed some stairs that I would have thought were permanent because they were bolted into the concrete floor. I fell and torque my knee, then fell back and hit my back and my arm. I tore my meniscus in my right knee and I had to have surgery. They removed a portion of my medial meniscus.

I am pleased I chose Jason Schultz law practice. You will have nothing but a good experience with everything that is within his control he will make sure it will go in your favor.  He will make sure you know what’s going on every step of the way, and he will make it an easy process for you. He can’t guarantee a quick process because that’s not in his control, but he will make sure you know what’s going on and the timeline. When you are done, you will be pleased.