Facts of the Personal Injury Case:

  • Client hit by a golf cart in Peachtree City, GA and suffered a fractured foot requiring surgery.
  • Richard Tanner found Jason Schultz, a personal injury lawyer, online while Googling for highly rated lawyers in the Georgia.
  • Richard had a positive experience with Jason, who was his first lawyer ever, and now has a favorable opinion of lawyers.
  • Jason went above and beyond to find the right lawyer for Richard's needs, even if he didn't specialize in that area.
  • Richard is thrilled with the outcome of his case and feels that it exceeded his expectations.
  • Richard is very satisfied with the overall experience.

Transcript of this Peachtree City, Georgia Accident Video Testimonial:

"I found him online when just Googling about different lawyers in the area and just the most highly rated one on the internet. My experience was overall really good. I have never had a lawyer before; I've never had anything happen to me that would need one, and everything's come out very positive. I love lawyers now. I think they're great, they're protectors, they're shields. Of course, anytime anyone needs a lawyer I am going to send them to Jason Schultz. Even if Jason doesn't specialize in the type of case they need, he's going to find the right person and take the time to actually know what they need. I'm thrilled with the outcome of my case. As long as it's taken to go through everything it's been just a dream everything came out better than I expected."

Contact Jason Schultz if You Have a Serious Injury

If you were injured in a car accident, truck accident, by a drunk driver, or as a result of medical negligence, you need to make sure you choose an injury lawyer with a proven track record and who other clients enjoy working with. Watch this short video to find out what Richard, a past client of the Law Office of Jason R. Schultz, says about his experience.

If you live in Peachtree City and need a lawyer or legal advice, I would highly recommend attorney Jason Schultz. Not only does he have great online reviews, but I worked with him firsthand and had a very positive experience. After working with Jason, I now view lawyers as protectors and shields. I am thrilled with my case outcome and my experience with the Law Office of Jason R. Schultz.

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