Client Jarrett Laws: I was very satisfied with the legal services of Jason Schultz and his staff. They really took personal detail into what was going on with my case.  I think they really felt what I felt within my heart. They were very accessible, and I really felt that they took our personal needs into account.

I am very happy with the way the case was resolved. Jason was very succinct in telling us to be patient, but with patience the case will be resolved in the manner that you need it to be resolved in and you will leave completely satisfied. When the case was finally resolved, we realized there was a lot of work involved, but it was well worth it. Because in the end, everything worked out in the manner that it was supposed to.

I am grateful to Jason and his staff, and in particular Susan Baldwin, because they took my family into account. In the midst of all of this — no matter what was going on with me — my biggest concern has always been my wife and my children. And the biggest thing they did for me was taking my wife and children into account in everything we did. A lot of times, people don’t do that. For them, making sure that in the process of handling business that my family was taken into account meant more to me than anything else.