Facts of the Car Accident Case:

  • The client, Caleb Adams, was involved in a car accident and broke his femur.
  • They found it difficult to deal with insurance companies and knew they needed a personal injury attorney to get a fair settlement.
  • They hired Jason Schultz as their attorney, who was as laid back, easy to work with, and always on their side.
  • Communication with Jason Schultz's law office was praised for being top-notch, with regular updates and prompt responses.
  • The overall experience of working with Jason Schultz, Peachtree City, GA personal injury attorney, was described as painless and seamless, and the speaker would recommend him based on their positive experience.

Transcript of this Georgia Auto Accident Video Testimonial:

"I got in a car accident and broke my femur in half, and so I was dealing with, obviously, I couldn't walk because I was in very significant pain at that time, dealing with the insurance company and not knowing what to do.  I did know that when you do get in a wreck like this that it is important to have a personal injury attorney because if you don't they'll try to settle with you for much less, so I knew that much.  I had to have someone else take care of it because there was no way I could handle it myself.  Working with Jason was great, he's very laid back as far as personality is concerned.  When he sits down you don't feel like he's trying to sell you anything, and he's always on your side when it comes down to it.  As far as the result is concerned, everything worked out as well as it could have.  Communication with Jason's office was top notch, they sent out an email any time something new came up.  He would personally call me any time that we had something that was a time-sensitive matter.  Susan Baudhuin was very good at also doing what she needed to do to prepare for trial.  I'll recommend Jason to somebody else just because of the job that he did.  Like I said, the experience that I went through was very painless, besides me breaking the leg, but other than that it was very painless, very seamless, and there was no miscommunication, so yeah, based upon that's why I would recommend Jason."