What to Do When Injured at a Rental Property

If you got injured while on rental property, you might have a claim against the owner of the property. If someone else manages the property, you might be able to seek damages from them as well. Georgia law requires that landlords keep rental property in a safe and habitable condition and make repairs when needed.

What to Do First

The first thing you should do is get medical treatment for your injuries. The medical records will serve as evidence of the date your injury occurred and will link the physical harm to the event. Document the scene at the time of the incident. Take some photographs with your cell phone or ask a friend to do so if you cannot take the pictures because of your injuries.

Get the names and contact information of all eyewitnesses. Do not throw away anything that might be valuable evidence in your claim.

Next Steps After an Injury on Rental Property

Notify the landlord of your injury. This notification will serve two purposes:

  • The landlord will be on notice of a potential legal claim for compensation.
  • The landlord can correct the premises if your injury happened because of a dangerous condition on the property. You do not want anyone else to get hurt.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Protect You

You should talk with a premise liability lawyer right away. A lawyer can speak to the insurance company on your behalf. Once you have a lawyer on board, the insurance company must deal with the lawyer, not you. Your lawyer will handle the negotiations and other aspects of the claim with the insurance company.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Protect Your Claim

The job of the insurance adjuster is to settle your injury claim for as little money as possible. One of the tactics adjusters use is to offer you a quick settlement, even if you do not yet know the full extent of your injuries or how well you will heal. It can be tempting to grab that check, particularly if you are out of work because of your injuries and the bills are piling up.

An early settlement is almost always to your disadvantage. If you end up developing problems that will not go away, you cannot go back to the insurance company to get more money. Your personal injury lawyer can protect you from the adjuster’s aggressive tactics and demand the true value of your claim after you have healed as much as possible.

Written or Recorded Statements

The adjuster might try to have you give a written or recorded statement. Only give one of these statements through your lawyer. Insurance companies may use a statement to justify not paying you as much as you deserve. They may twist your words or take them out of context. Make sure the insurance company goes through your personal injury lawyer to get any information they need.

Going Back to Work After an Injury on Rental Property

After you complete your medical treatment and your doctor releases you to go back to work, you should make every reasonable effort to get back to your normal life as soon as you can. It does not hurt your case to go back to work after you have healed. In fact, it shows the judge and jury that you are acting in good faith.

If, however, you have difficulty working after an injury, contact your doctor and lawyer right away. There might be unforeseen problems with your recovery, like medical complications.

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