How Georgia Parents Can Get Involved in the Safe Routes to School Program

Parents play an integral part in improving and promoting the Georgia Safe Routes to School program. The first step begins at home, where you can educate your child on how to stay safe when walking or biking to and from school. Make sure to outfit your child with the proper bike helmet and a bicycle that is the right size for her age.

Consider forming a walking group with other families in your area who attend the same schools. Parents can take turns accompanying their groups of children to and from school for an extra measure of safety. Also, take the time to travel the routes with your child and get to know the local crossing guards, if any are volunteering in your area. If your neighborhood or school does not have crossing guards, consider setting up a program with your community leader or school administration.

If your child's school is not among the 416 Georgia schools currently participating in the Safe Routes to School program as of December 2015, you can help get them started. Visit the Georgia SRTS website and find your region's partnership coordinator, then send them a message regarding your child's school and how you can help get them involved in the program.

Everyone Can Improve a Child's Safety When Walking to School

Not just legislators, schools, and parents have the responsibility of improving our children's safety when walking or biking to school. Every driver in Georgia has the ability to help prevent a child’s injuries by being responsible and safe drivers. Especially in school zones, but also anywhere during and after school hours, Georgia drivers should be extra careful near schools and while driving through neighborhoods.

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