All of these permits will allow someone to park his/her vehicle in a parking space reserved for those with disabilities. However, the proper form must be completed and submitted in order to obtain these permits. 

How to Apply for the Various Types of Parking Permits

To apply for a disability parking permit, the applicant must fill out the MV-9D application (Disabled Person’s Parking Affidavit).

The MV-9D must be completed by the:

  • applicant;
  • a licensed doctor (podiatrist, chiropractor, general medicine, optometrist or osteopathic medicine); and
  • notary.

The applicant should then return the form to a local County Tax Commissioner’s Tag Office. Placards are no longer available from the Department of Driver Services.

More Parking Permit Information: How Georgia Defines Disability

The good news is that if you receive a parking permit in Georgia then it is valid in all of the other states. The following are medical conditions or complications that would allow an individual to obtain a parking permit:

  • individual cannot walk without having to stop and rest;
  • requires an assistive device to aid to walk (crutch, prosthetic device, cane, brace or help from another person);
  • lung disease restricts the individual (when measured by a spirometer, forced respiratory volume for one second is less than one liter, or arterial oxygen tension is less than 60 millimeters of mercury on room air when at rest);
  • requires portable oxygen;
  • severity of functional limitations from a cardiac condition are categorized as Class III or Class IV (based on American Heart Association standards);
  • neurological, orthopedic, arthritic conditions or pregnancy complications that significantly limit the person’s ability to walk;
  • hearing impaired;
  • blindness where central visual acuity doesn’t exceed 20/200 in the better eye with correcting lenses, or if visual acuity is better than 20/200 is accompanied by limitations to the field/vision in the better eye to such an extent that angle and widest diameter subtends isn’t greater than 20 degrees.

Legal Help for Accident Victims Who Become Disabled

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