Truck Recording Device Records: How It Can Help an Accident Claim

An automatic onboard truck recording device can potentially demonstrate the negligence of the truck driver and/or trucking company. This information and other evidence is important when filing a truck accident claim to recover damages following the accident. A Peachtree City truck accident attorney can assist injured victims when collecting evidence and establishing a solid case demonstrating negligence of the other party.

What is an automatic onboard truck recording device?

In the past, truck drivers would record the length of time on the road through a truck driver's logbook, where the information would be handwritten. Today, this can be done much easier by electronically logging hours-of-service through an onboard recording device.

The hours-of-service regulations are overseen by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The FMCSA stipulates how many hours a truck driver can operate a commercial vehicle.

These regulations were put in place to reduce accidents caused by fatigue. Drivers can sometimes cover thousands of miles, traveling long distances to deliver and pick up cargo. By limiting the amount of time behind the wheel, it makes the roads safer for everyone.

How can an automatic onboard truck recording device help in an accident claim?

An automatic onboard trucking device can help establish if a trucker violated the number of driving hours allowed over a specified time period. If records show there was a violation, it may factor into the cause of an accident and may be brought up by a Peachtree City truck accident attorney when pursuing a truck accident claim.

For instance, a truck is believed to have been speeding at the time of a crash. By analyzing data on the recording device, it might show times made for each stop. If it appears that the driver was able to travel a great distance in a short amount of time, this could help substantiate a claim that the driver was traveling recklessly.

Another scenario might be a truck driver who goes through a red light and then claim he or she never saw the light. Although this is never an excuse for breaking a traffic law, if the data from the automatic onboard recording device shows the driver had gone beyond the number of hours allowed behind the wheel, it could establish that the driver might have been fatigued at the time.

Violations regarding the hours-of-service rules may help an injured person in establishing liability of a truck company in a truck accident claim. The trucking company is generally responsible for the actions of its employees.

On the other hand, if there is evidence that the trucking company mandated the driver to go beyond the time allowed to operate a commercial vehicle, this could help build a stronger case. Evidence such as this can be critical as a Peachtree City truck accident attorney builds a case of negligence against the other party.

What type of data can be found on an automatic onboard truck recording device?

Various types of information can be found on an onboard truck recording device and be used in a truck accident claim. In addition to the name of the driver, the device will include data on that day’s total driving hours. The device will also show information from several days prior.

Additional data can include any violations, loading times, fuel stops, rest/sleep breaks and more. All of this information could be helpful in establishing a potential contributing cause to a truck accident when filing a claim.

The FMCSA also requires that the trucking company keep a backup copy of these electronic files. Backup copies should be stored in a separate location than where the original information is kept.

A Peachtree City Truck Accident Attorney Can Help

Gaining access to an automatic onboard truck recording device may be more easily accomplished with the help of a Peachtree City truck accident attorney. However, a truck recording device is not the only type of evidence that could be helpful in a truck accident claim. A Peachtree City truck accident attorney at Law Office of Jason R. Schultz can help victims collect various types of evidence for truck accident claims, such as personnel files, traffic accident reports, and other pieces of evidence in addition to truck recording device data.